Epicycle, from Ptolemy, is the name given to the collaborative projects of Mark Saric.
Saric is a composer - improvisor and promoter of experimental music. His focus remains
the use of experimental music, text and theater as a tool for (r)evolutionary thought.

Epicycle has undergone many transformations and grown through various collaborations.
The first three epicycles were largely college projects investigation the relationships between
free jazz, electronic drone music and dance. The 4th epicycle was composed of Saric, Nicolas
Hennies and Edward Schneider and was the medium for work in formatted improvisation using
pre-composed electronic movements acting as cues for improvisation then overlaid with
composed text as music. The focus of the work increasingly moved towards minimal and very
quiet sound canvasses. The 5h epicycle continued this work in text-music, electronics and
formatted improvisation with a much larger group.

The 6th epicycle is a project which joins the efforts of saric (on cello, electronics and pre-
composed electro-acoustics) and Chris Muether (who also plays cello and various real-time
electronics). Epicycle operates in the extremes of 'on the threshold of audibility' and intense
un-relenting amplification. The gradually shifting textures from extended cello technique and
electro-acoustics provides endlessly undulating subtlety in the fabric of drones, noise and clusters.

Throughout Saric has persisted in solo projects which have been informed by the work done in
the various epicycle ensembles. These performances have been billed as "epicycle" performances.

Saric has shared the stage with the likes of Bhob Rainey, Tatsuyo Nakatani, Jack Wright,
Michel Doneda, Tom Djil, Mike Bullock, Carol Genetti, Alban Bailly, Jon Mueller, John Weise,
Jim Schoenecker, Vic Rawlings, Nicolas Hennies, Mazen Kerbaj, Jim Hegarty, Larry Marotta.
Morten Nottelman, Rich O'Donnell, PSI, Papier Mache, Jesse Kudler, Jason Zeh, Ultra//Vires,
Realicide, many and others. He has been a member of Jack Wright's "No-net" in 2005.

Saric perfoms as an experimental cellist as well as a pianist and electronic 'noise' musician.
He was a member of the Zeitgeist piano duo, in the solo and accompanist contest and as
a cellist collaborating with among others Bhob Rainey, Jack Wright, Brain Transplant, Brickbat,
and electronics with Realicide, Mavis Concave, Ultra Vires, Vehemence 6.2 and Factura.

Saric's work as a composer is often associated with his performances of improvisation. They
have since early youth been experiments in re-contextualizing the relationship between the
performer and audience. This is done through the physical presentation of the compositions
(as in "Confusion and Subsequent Enlightenment" where the program was a map of the
performance space) or through the sonic extremes of the performance. Mark studied
composition with Herbert Brun, Salvatore Martirano Vinko Globokar, Ben Johnston, Morgan
Powell, and Michael Udow among others. His compositions have been performed around
the country and are available through Manifold Press. He has released two recordings:
"epicycle songs" 2004 and "chronicles of the old regime" in 2005.

Mark is also the founder and proprietor of the Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center which has
brought many experimental musicians to St Louis for performances in its relaxed informal
environment. LNAC, a non-profit, is also an artistic-social center that provides a nurturing
environment for growth and education of the area's youth.


a sample of "epicycle songs"

" I hear all "

" all that fall "

" so tell me... "

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